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Changing the product background, remove hindrance, enhance colors, make the cloth straight, and many more. we guarantee high-quality services to make your photos great.


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Product Photo Editing Services We Provide:

● Photo retouching and cleaning- from $2 per photo

Do your photos lack charisma, do not appeal to the audience, and need some necessary alterations. Then, photo retouching and cleaning are something you must not overlook. This technique will clean off all the defects from your image, change it into a bright and spotless one and make it more captivating.

● Rotating and resizing - $5 per photo

At times, it is necessary to rotate and resize your photo to give a clearer insight into that product to your audience. Therefore, the rotating and resizing technique is the best to provide the minute details of that product and grab the attention of your audience.

● Adding shadows and reflections- from $10 per object

When your images are not giving the impression of being realistic and are looking artificial, it’s more likely that they are devoid of shadows and techniques. To clear up this problem, we have introduced adding shadows and reflections techniques. This technique will take the edge off the peculiarity of your image and give away a more natural look that will connect with your audience.

● Ghost mannequin technique- $10 per item

You cannot convince someone to buy your clothing product when its image is not persuasive at all. For this purpose, there is a technique known as the ghost mannequin technique. This method comes up with special features that will give your product a 3D and more authentic look. It will enhance its value and ultimately the number of your customers.

● Clipping path/ masking -from $2 per photo

If your product contains sharp edges and your background is a hindrance to its vivid image, then you should clip the surrounding at the back by using the clipping path technique. By doing so, your image will be more apparent and you will have a better understanding of the product.

● Recoloring elements -$2 per object

Sometimes, you have one product with multiple colors. At that point, you don’t need to take pictures separately but there is a technique known as recoloring elements to save your time. This technique will change the color of your product making sure that its brightness and originality will not affect it in any way.

● Reshaping, liquefying, and fixing symmetry -from $5 per object

If your product is disfigured and crooked and appears nasty, then there are requisite changes needed to be done. To cope with this problem, it is necessary to reshape, liquefy and fix symmetry for better results. Reshaping gives a clearer idea of the product while liquefying outstretches its pixels to upgrade its quality and fixing symmetry gives the final touch to the image.

● Model product photo editing -from $5 per image

When your background is boring and you want to change it into something fascinating of your own choice, then model product photo editing is the best choice for you. It replaces your background, adds shadows, and works with the brightness of the image in such a way that everything looks realistic and nobody can even doubt it.

Frequently Asked Questions​

In the demo, we edit a photo and watermark them, and send it to you so that you can review it. If you like it then we’ll send you a Payment link to pay. After the payment, we will send you the non-watermark high-resolution image.

Yes, we do. We only mentioned the types of edits that the audience generally requests the most. You can submit the photo and fill out the form. We’ll inform you whether it’s doable or not.

Yes, just let us know the reason why you want a refund and we’ll initiate the refund.

For up to ten photos, it is usually 12 hours. For ten+ photos, it is more than 24 hours. You can also let us know the turnaround time while submitting the photos.

It depends, there are different types of photo editing services like removing/adding a person, face swap, etc. So, the price is not fixed. It depends on the services.

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