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Removing/adding a person, swap faces, background change, remove double chin, slimming and many more. we guarantee high-quality services to make your photos great.


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General Photo Editing Services We Provide:

● Removing/adding a person - from $10 per photo

Do your photograph is distracted because someone is present in the photo who should not be there? Or you might feel that your picture is incomplete without your loved one, who is missing and needs to be there in the photograph. So, we provide the service of removing or adding a person as it is somewhat you need to use in those situations to enhance the impact of your photo.

● Remove objects - from $5 per photo

It’s a fact that you may not get the perfect picture all the time. But we can make it look perfect for you. Especially when an unwanted object in the background is taking away the attention of the viewer from the main focal point of the picture. Removing unwanted objects will make your picture spectacular so that you can share it on social media confidently.

● Body slimming - from $10 per photo

Getting an ideal photo to look slim is no doubt a real struggle which means taking dozens of pictures. But now you don’t have to worry about it because with our body slimming service you can get slim and skinny body shape easily. Whether you want to look slim or reshape any part of your body, we will make it happen.

Face Swap Editing services mobile

● Swap faces - from $10 per photo

When you’re trying to fix your family group photo, where everyone is looking perfect except for the one person who might be looking somewhere else and ruined the whole picture. Then you have to go for swap face service, where we will swap the face of that person with another face from another picture of your choice.

● Background change - from $10 per photo

We have a variety of elegant and stimulating backgrounds that can be fitted to your photos easily with the help of this service. So, if you have a photo whose background is plain or mundane, then we will change it and lay down a more compelling background.

● Remove double chin - from $10 per photo

Don’t let your double chin spoil your pictures. You may not notice it while taking a picture, but this irritating element will surely bother you when you see your photo. So, we as professional editors will remove this visual defect of double chin in your pictures without damaging your smile.

● Remove glare from glass - from $10 per photo

Whether you’re wearing glasses for optical issues or a fashion purpose during your photo session, glass glare is always annoying. Glare is an overabundance of brightness due to direct or reflected light. Our advanced service of removing glare from glass will help you to get rid of this annoying problem.

● Remove stains - from $5 per photo

It may happen that in your perfect-looking photo, there might be a stain on your clothes. It could be a stain of the drop of juice or oil or sweat stain. Our stain removing service will edit your pictures spoiled with stain and remove them totally as no stain was ever-present there at all.

● Adding hair to bald head - from $10 per photo

You don’t need to be shy about your baldness. We are offering a service of adding hair to the bald head and guarantee realistic results. It involves hiding bald spots in your pictures while considering your natural hair color. Moreover, you can get the desired hairstyle or length to check which look suits you the best before going for any hair styling treatment.

● Teeth whitening - from $5 per photo

Every feature of your face marks is important in making your picture perfect. The picture with shiny and pearly white teeth makes your smile more beautiful and glittering. No longer you need to wonder how to get rid of yellow teeth in your pictures. Contact us we’ll provide you with our teeth whitening service so that no more yellow teeth in pictures will lose your confidence ever again.

● Change clothes color - from $5 per photo

The ill effect of harsh shadows and bright highlights will ruin your picture when it falls awkwardly on someone’s face or body. It might make your picture dull or darker. But, now, shooting pictures in strong or direct sunlight is no longer problem. Because we’ll remove harsh shadows and highlights, making it look realistic without affecting the rest of the image.

● Double exposure effect - from $10 per photo

Double exposure is the photographic technique of combining two exposures into a single image to get an artistic illusion effect. You might catch sight of double exposure images and wonder that “How one can get a shot like this?” We can make a double exposure photograph for you that will convey the surreal feeling that you intended to portray in the photo.

Frequently Asked Questions​

In the demo, we edit a photo and watermark them, and send it to you so that you can review it. If you like it then we’ll send you a Payment link to pay. After the payment, we will send you the non-watermark high-resolution image.

Yes, just let us know the reason why you want a refund and we’ll initiate the refund.

For up to ten photos, it is usually 12 hours. For ten+ photos, it is more than 24 hours. You can also let us know the turnaround time while submitting the photos.

It depends, there are different types of photo editing services like removing/adding a person, face swap, etc. So, the price is not fixed. It depends on the services.

In the general photo editing services, we provide the most asked services by the customers like adding/removing a person, face swap, background change, old photo restoration, etc.

Yes, we do. We only mentioned the types of edits that the audience generally requests the most. You can submit the photo and fill out the form. We’ll inform you whether it’s doable or not.

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If you can’t find your answer to your question in our FAQs, you can message us on live chat. We will answer you shortly!

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