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Remove Unwanted People from Your Photos with Ease✨

Are you tired of having beautiful photos ruined by unwanted people in the frame?

Our editors are here!

We will skillfully remove unwanted people from the photos. 

Whether it’s an ex, a stranger, or someone who accidentally photo-bombed your shot, our skilled team can seamlessly erase them from your photos.

After the editing, you won’t be able to find whether they were ever present in your photos or not.

See what we can edit for you:

Remove ex-partners or unwanted bystanders

Enhance your professional images by adding or removing people.

Remove strangers, enhance focus

Clean up the background of your photo by eliminating strangers.

Why Choose Us to Remove People from Photos?

Remove Person from Pictures

Our Specialty in Photo Editing

We have a team of well-experienced editors who are sufficient to edit your photos. We provide our best to erase people from photos. No matter how many people are in the photo, we will take all of them out magically.

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Picsfast: #1 People Removing Services

Create impactful stories – Trust our professionals to remove distractions and deliver exceptional results for your visuals.

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I had my wedding album photos but in the couple’s photos, there were so many strangers looking into the camera. It was not looking good as I only wanted my spouse & I in the frame. So I search on Google for a photo editor and I found Picsfast. Then I contact them and send the photos. They removed all the unwanted persons from the photos. I will definitely hire them soon😍

Kaitlyn – Trustpilot

Trustpilot Review

I was searching for an editor to edit people out of photos and got Picsfast. I am amazed at how perfectly they removed all the unwanted persons.

Natasha Smith – Trustpilot

Trustpilot Review

Excellent customer service. My request was finished promptly. Highly recommended!

Aedan – Google Reviews

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How much do we charge?

Our pricing structure is flexible, as we prioritize catering to the individual financial circumstances of each customer. Rather than imposing fixed prices, we kindly request our customers to share their budgetary preferences, recognizing that everyone’s financial capacities vary.

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FAQ: How do you remove an unwanted person from a photo?

Q: Can I remove a person from a photo?

A: Absolutely! We can remove undesired persons from your images with precision and attention to detail as part of our expert photo editing services.

Q: How do you eliminate unwanted people from photos?

A: We (editors) use the latest software and advanced techniques to erase an unwanted person from the photos.

  • Send us your photo(s): Simply upload the photo(s) you want to edit through our user-friendly online platform. We’ll handle the rest!
  • Discuss your requirements: We’ll take a look at your photo and have a chat about your individual requirements and preferences. Our goal is to ensure we have a clear grasp of how you envision the final outcome.
  • Professional editing process: Using our state-of-the-art software and years of editing experience, our skilled photo editors will carefully remove the unwanted person from your photo. We pay close attention to the smallest elements to achieve a natural-looking final image.
  • Quality check and revisions: After removing the unwanted person, we thoroughly check the edited photo to meet our high standards of quality. If you have any additional requests or changes, we’re happy to make the necessary revisions until you are completely satisfied.
  • Delivery of the final edited photo: After we’re done with the editing process, we’ll send over the edited photo to you in the format you prefer.

Q: How long does removing an unwanted person from a photo take?

A: The amount of time needed to take someone out of a photo hinges on a bunch of things, like how intricate the picture is and what you’re looking for exactly. We’re all about being quick and effective, so we’ll give you an estimated time frame based on your project’s details. Our aim is to get things rolling smoothly and on time.

Q: Is my original photo safe with your photo editing service?

A: Absolutely! Safeguarding your photos’ security and privacy is a top concern for us. Our crew of experts follows stringent confidentiality rules to keep your images safe and sound.

You can trust that we won’t spread or use your photos for anything beyond what you intended.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the edited photo?

A: We’re all about making you happy. If the edited photo doesn’t hit the mark, we’re here to fix it. We’re dedicated to collaborating closely with you, smoothing out any wrinkles, and getting everything spot on. Above all, we’re striving to hand over a final result that makes you light up with a big, happy grin.

Do you have questions or ready to get started? Reach out anytime. We’re here to elevate your photos and customize the ideal editing solution just for you.

Want to Ask More Question?

If you have more question to ask, you can message us on the live chat. In case, we are not available there, please send us your query on email!

How to remove people from pictures?

Do you want to erase people from photos? But don’t know how? If yes, then this article will help you a lot to erase someone from the pictures.

There are many methods to edit people out of photos. You can use Photoshop or a mobile app to do it.  In this blog, you will see the method for both devices.

Let’s start with Photoshop first:

How to crop someone out of a picture in Photoshop?

We will use the generative fill tool to remove someone in Photoshop, but you must have the beta app installed for it. If you haven’t you can install the beta Photoshop from the creative cloud application.

Step 1: Open the Photoshop beta and select the lasso tool to make a selection of the person that you want to remove.

Step 2: After making the selection, tap on the generative fill option to remove the person using A.I. You can also enter the prompts or just leave it blank, Photoshop will automatically sense the nearby areas and make the background over the person.

Step 3: Once the processing is done, you will see three different variations. Using AI it blends the lights and colors very accurately. So, you can choose any of them.

How to edit someone out of a picture in mobile apps?

There are many mobile apps you can use to remove people from photos. A few of them are PicsArt, Snapseed, and Adobe Fix. We will see tutorials for all these apps ahead. You can scroll below to read the tutorials for the mobile apps below.

How to edit people out of photos in PicsArt?

Open the PicsArt app and open the image you want to edit.

Step 1: Go to the tools panel, and select clone tool.

Step 2: Adjust the size of the brush, hardness, and opacity accordingly.

Step 3: Take the sample from the background and start painting the person which you want to remove.

Step 4: Reduce the size of the brush and zoom into the photo to see small details and paint over them.

Step 5: Once it’s done, save the image into your gallery.

Best Apps to remove people from background:

See the list of the best apps to remove people from the background below:

  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Photoshop fix
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Remove Object – Touch Eraser
  • PhotoDirector
  • TouchRetouch

How to erase people from pictures in Snapseed?

Step 1: Open the image in Snapseed and go to the tools panel.

Step 2: Select the “healing” tool.

Step 3: Zoom into the photo and brush over the person you want to remove.

Step 4: To see the details, zoom in a bit more and make sure all the parts of the person have been cleaned.

Step 5: Once it’s done, click on “Export” and save the photo to your phone.

How to remove a person from a photo on iPhone

If you want to remove a person from a photo on your iPhone, you can use any app that we have suggested above. Using the apps, you will be able to erase someone from a photo easily. Just follow the steps we shared.

How are we different from the others?

Expertise in Photo Editing: We have a team of skilled and well-experienced editors who can edit your photos seamlessly while maintaining the natural look and feel of the photo.

Satisfaction of the customers: We edit photos as well as we care about the satisfaction of the customers most. That’s why we can provide unlimited revisions to make the customers happy.

Fast turnaround: Upon receiving your photos, we promptly edit and deliver them without compromising quality. For a single photo, expect a quick turnaround in just a few hours.

Simple pricing: Instead of imposing fixed prices, we kindly request our customers to share their budgetary preferences, allowing us to tailor our services to meet their individual needs.

Data security and privacy: It is outstanding at our company. Rest assured that we handle your images with the utmost care, ensuring complete confidentiality and no sharing for any other purposes.

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